Medical Aid.

A team of doctors of Bhartesh Homeopathic medical college carries out medical check up periodically.  Medicines for common cold, headache, blood pressure, arthritis are made available.  It the illness is of serious nature the inmate is treated in Govt. hospitals & K.L.E Prabhakar Kore Hospital & other social doctors giving treatment.

 Healthcare and time management.

In order to keep the inmates both physically and mentally sound, they are engaged in sweeping the surroundings clean, watering the plants, maintaining the building clean and tidy, cleaning grain and vegetable, preparing hot water for bath etc.  the feeble and the weak are suitably and aptly and served.  Only essential staff of servants is provided with an emphasis on self-help. 

Normally food cooked outside is not accepted, however in celebration such as Birthday, observance death anniversary and such events, donation will be accepted and the inmates will be fed accordingly.  The donor can attend personally if he/she so desires. 

Financial Assistance.

Patil family has make a provision for a 40X75 building with an outside consisting of five rooms, electricity, water supply, furniture, utensils, beds, medicines, grains and grocery etc.  In addition individual donors, Lions club, Rotary club, Social club, Mahila Mandals, Youth clubs have recently been rendering helping hand.  A lot of things remain to be attended to, the list of which is separately enclosed.  It is intended to raise a permanent fund.  The interest accrued will be utilized for the maintenance of the house for the aged.

Residents Comments
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 I feel I have come back to my own place
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